Från Olle Wästebergs nyhesbrev mars 2014;

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Det är just så folkets främsta företrädare i en pluralistisk demokrati ska agera – positivt uppmärksamma att medborgarna har olika religion och sedvänjor. I tidningen Totally Stockholm blev jag, tillsammans med en rad andra stockholmare ombedda att ge en glimt av Stockholm 2039. Jag svarade just på detta tema:

“In the end of the 2030s, June 6 has at last been established as a Swedish ”Thanksgiving”. We have adopted the American way of looking at new citizens. Sweden has become a country where you are a Swede if you have Swedish values of tolerance and acceptance. The Swedish king honours big holidays for all religions: Christian, Jewish, Muslim etcetera, just as American presidents have long done. And on June 6 we all thank each othe  for being in this country. As in America – when the pilgrims invited native Indians to the first thanksgiving dinner – Swedes now try to open their homes for other people – regardless of their background.”